• Rick Barlupi 
    Experience:  Business Finance and Accounting 
    Skills:  Business Operations

  • Gary Bright 
    Experience:  Sales, Marketing and Public Relations 
    Skills:  Business Operations

  • Mike Burson
    Experience: Construction, Industrials & Utilities; Nonprofits, Public, and Professional Organizations; Transportation & Warehousing; Waste Management
    Skills: Business Finance & Accounting; Business Operations; Business Strategy & Planning; Human Resources & Internal Communications; Non-profit

  • B.T. Chapman 
    Experience:  Manufacturing 
    Skills:  Bookkeeping & Records, Business Planning & Startups, Employee Relations, Financing a Business, Personnel Management

  • Dan Irving
    Experience: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance; Health Care & Life Services; Marketing, Advertising & Creative Services; Real Estate, Rental Services & Leasing
    Skills: Business Finance & Accounting; Business Operations; Business Strategy & Planning; Legal Services; Sales, Marketing & Public Relations.

  • Bill McGowan 
    Experience:  Marketing & Sales 
    Skills:  Advertising, Franchising, Market Research, Personal Selling, Sales & Marketing

  • Philip Roberts 
    Experience: DIY Consumer Products 
      Sales Management, Marketing, Advertising Media, Retail Packaging Design, Importing,  Product Development, Buying/Selling a Business, Marketing/Merchandising To the Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Trade (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) and Mass Merchandisers (Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc)

  • Todd Shelton
    Experience:  Agriculture & Farming; Banking, Financial Services & Insurance; Construction, Industrials & Utilities; Government Contracting; Homeowner Services/Home Improvement; Manufacturing & Mining; Personal Services & Wellness; Recreation & Travel; Retail & Wholesale Trade; Transportation & Warehousing.
    Skills: Business Financing & Accounting; Business Strategy & Planning; Human Resources & Internal Communications; Legal Services; Non-profit; Supply Chain Management.

  • David Waters 
    Experience:  Manufacturing, Production Management 
    Skills:  General Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Process Equipment, Quality Control, Business Plans & Start-Ups

  • Blake Werner 
    Experience:  Banking and Financial Services 
    Skills:  Business Strategy and Planning, Business Operations, Business Plans & Start-Ups